Bâoli does Omakase

The Euro-centric Bâoli is used to having their A-list celeb clientele–Clooney, DiCaprio, Ronaldo, Cowell, etc–in control, but for a change–or lots of change, specfically, $120 and $170 per person–the chef will run the show when you opt for their new three-course Omakase menu. And, sticking with their style of a menu that’s seemingly as global as its clientele, the Omakase won’t be purely Asian, but, pretty much whatever strikes chef Gustavo Vertone’s fancy.

Choose the $120 per person option and expect dishes such as black truffle risotto, filet mignon or, say, an appetizer such as hamachi sashimi tacos. On the $170 menu, you’ll get kobe beef, blue fin tuna, oysters, and parmesan cheese risotto in white truffle among other dishes. No two tables will experience the same assortment, says a rep.

“True to our style, we’ve added a twist to Omakase and spanned the option across the entire menu, not just the dishes with an Asian influence,” says GM Michael Ridard. “This distinguishes Omakase at Bâoli from other restaurants with this offering.” It sure does.