American Noodle Bar

Casual, inexpensive Asian eats will have a new home beginning next week as Michael Bloise (formerly of Wish) opens American Noodle Bar (ANB). The restaurant is slated to open in the MiMo District November 1, we chatted with the chef a week before the big opening…

Describe the concept of ANB
It’s a quick service restaurant. The core of the menu is built around a build your own noodle dish, It’s fun American and Asian street food – food you want to sit down and have a beer with. It’s meant to be a casual, enjoy yourself kind of place

Seems like quite a departure from Wish
It’s purposely opposite of Wish. Cooking fine dining food for so long, I was always to do something new and off-the-wall stuff. You wind up kind of alienating some people. Sometimes you just want less of the fuss – I didn’t want a special occasion restaurant, I wanted to a restaurant you eat at twice a week. Really all your need is good food & good drink- ANB is meant to strip away everything else.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?
Country fried veal cheeks – braised veal cheeks , breaded then served with country gravy.  In addition to the base menu (see it here), there will 10-15 other dishes that come & go, like the veal cheeks

And the cheeseburger dumplings?
It’s a cheeseburger inside a gyoza skin. We fry it & serve with green curry mayo., cured plum tomatoes & quick pickle of cucumbers.

Why MiMo?
It’s a cool little up and coming area. I like the traffic, I like the exposure, I like the action out front. It has its shadiness to it, but people like Chris Wessel & Michelle Bernstein going in there.
Most of the dishes on your menu are $7 or less – impressive.
You know, it’s a bowl of noodles. I know how a restaurant runs but I also know what this is supposed to cost. The concept of this place is low overhead – I don’t have a lot of staff, no servers, no front of the house manager. I want to give value & be righteous on prices. Come on, it’s noodles


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