A Fork on the Road: Tyrannosaurus-Mex

Chuck and Lisa Bergwin have reinvented their Tex-Mex place, an Anthony Bourdain favorite for tacos when he’s in town. The old San Loco is now Tyrannosaurus-Mex. Fans can still get monster burritos, macho nachos and taco burgers, but items like tofu tacos and veggie enchiladas offer healthier options.

Lisa grew up in Philadelphia and attended New York University. Chuck was raised on Army bases around the world by his Puerto Rican mother and Swedish father. After graduating from Florida State University, he worked as an actor, bartender and line cook in New York, where the two met in a TriBeCa bar. Their new menu offers mushroom quesadillas and a Southwest salad of black beans, corn, guacamole and pico de gallo tossed in honey-lime dressing. Specialties include killer quesadillas (with Cheddar cheese and hot sauce), carnitas and the guaco loco, a crispy taco wrapped in a soft tortilla with guacamole.

Fill your tacos with fried tofu, seasoned ground beef, pulled chicken, beans and rice or fried fish. Salads overflow crispy tortilla bowls, and house-made sauces come in mild, hot, serious and sinus-clearing “stupid.” Takeout is now tucked into eco-friendly bio packs.

Beer or a bottled margarita hits the spot here. End with a crunchy flour tortilla dusted in cinnamon sugar spread with candied apples and crushed red hots.


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