A Fork on the Road: Simply Natural Café

There’s something to suit both health-conscious and adventurous tastes at Simply Natural Café: organic produce; grass-fed meat free of hormones and antibiotics; wild-caught seafood; raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes plus a few Persian specialties.

 Brother-and-sister co-owners Ray and Sharooz Teheri left Tehran a few years before the 1979 revolution to study in the U.S., and stayed after earning MBAs. Ray manages the café, and Sharooz run the health food store next door with her husband, Richard Pearl.

Sharooz and Richard met 13 years ago at a natural foods store in Aventura, and soon opened their own. They added the café a few years ago as a place to enjoy meals with friends over glasses of organic wine and beer. The roses on the tables represent their passion for healthy food.

Start with lemony hummus, grilled eggplant with garlic and spices or ground walnut and pomegranate spread with whole-wheat pita. Salads include Waldorf with yogurt-honey dressing, chicken citrus with cashews and cranberries and mango with cucumber, tomato and onions tossed in lime juice and olive oil with mint.

The Sunshine Burger is house-made from lentils, brown rice and vegetables. Meat eaters can sink their teeth into a turkey, beef or bison burger. Salmon burgers and baked falafel are often specials.

 For a taste of Persia try fesenjan with chicken or tofu cubes braised in walnut and pomegranate paste or gormeh sabzi, a vegetable and herb stew with dried limes served with basmati rice. Seasonal vegetables are cooked in coconut curry or stir-fried with ginger and sesame oil. 

There are also steak, lamb chops and catch of the day. Raw chocolate mousse or acai berry sorbet sprinkled with granola and pomegranate seeds make for sweet endings.


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