305 Brews beer and coffee bar opening in August in Midtown Miami

In typical Miami fashion, permit issues caused not only a delay, but a complete change of address for 305 Brews, which, as of August, will occupy the mod Midtown space occupied in pre-Target days by the ahead-of-its-time wine bar, Stop Miami.

“It’s a smooth transition due to the fact that the place was previously a restaurant, and we will have more space with bigger patio area to serve our guests and create an even better atmosphere,” says Zeke Man, partner and general manager.

Man also added that the new location came with all the necessary permits, making the move seamless. 305 Brews is currently moving forward with structural changes to the current establishment including revisions to the bar, patio and kitchen. The previous location would have put 305 Brews across the street from Lagniappe wine bar, at 3501 NE 2nd ave.

The beer and coffee bar will serve “affordable” light fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner including burgers, tapas and salads. In addition to a good selection of wine and a rotating selection of bottled beers, the bar will offer 16 taps featuring seasonal beers and imports, with an emphasis on craft beer from South Florida and Tampa. The coffee will be an exclusive brew that will be specially roasted in North Miami and can only be sampled at 305 Brews.

“The fact that I can open my place on the very same spot where my favorite local hangout used to be is serendipitous. I have fond memories of hanging out here when it used to be Stop Miami. Needless to say, we’re excited to open our doors this coming August,” said Man.