2.5 stars for Peruvian eats at Sabor Latino in Weston

Lively fast-food chicken has introduced many South Floridians to Peruvian food, but you must go to a place like Weston’s Sabor Latino to enjoy the vibrant, seafood-focused cuisine melding the culinary influences of Peru’s native Incas, Spanish conquerors, African slaves, Chinese laborers and Italian and Japanese immigrants. Gino Nicoletti, his father, Orlando, mom, Martha, and sisters Juliana and Angie operated restaurants in Peru and California before deciding that South Florida would be a good spot to serve traditional specialties like ceviche, causas, anticuchos (skewered beef heart) and leche de tigre, leftover ceviche marinade (considered a hangover cure as well as an aphrodisiac).

Ambience: The restaurant has cozy indoor seating with a small bar area (about to be renovated). Tables with a lake view are a place for quiet conversation until the weekend, when there’s live music. The kitchen can be slow on busy nights, but servers are sweet and gracious and will make recommendations if you’re unsure what to order.

What Worked

  • Irresistible, addictive cancha or toasted corn
  • Black mussels ceviche presented in a martini glass
  • Ceviche mixto – a generous plate of calamari, shrimp, octopus and corvina (white sea bass) served with slices of red onions, chunks of sweet potatoes and choclo (big Peruvian corn) in zingy lime juice
  • Flavorful cameron causa with a layer of shrimp in a mayo-based sauce spiked with ají amarillo
  • Papa a la huancaína – boiled potatoes smothered in a creamy cheese sauce blended with ají chiles and garnished with black olives
  • Lomo saltado – a Peruvian-Chinese fusion dish combining stir-fried sliced skirt steak, onions and tomatoes in a soy-based sauce
  • Big-enough-to-share chaufa de pollo – fried rice with slices of stir-fried chicken, eggs and scallion
  • Peruvian-style pesto sauce (with spinach) in the tallarin verde (green noodles)
  • Tender beef cilantro served with savory white beans
  • Tacu tacu – a pan-fried patty topped with sautéed seafood
  • Picarones – sweet Peruvian doughnuts
  • Lúcumo ice cream made from an Andean fruit
  • Suspiro de limeña (“sigh of a woman from Lima”) – a custard topped with delicious merengue


What Didn’t Work

  • Chewy churrasco steak


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