Woodchuck Cider Presents 5 Recipes for Cider-Infused Cocktails

Photo: Bottle Koozie

The Woodchuck Cider team has definitely got gumption, which is a fancy word for spunk and guts, if you’re not familiar with the term. Last month, the company transformed Wynwood hotspot The Annex into a carnival to celebrate the launch of its latest creation, Gumption, which symbolizes spirit, gusto, and Woodchuck’s tradition of handcrafted, no-nonsense cider. We caught up with Woodchuck Cider Vice President Terry Hopper during the event to find out a little bit more about the vision behind the Gumption offshoot and what exactly it had to do with ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. He surprised us with a little bit of history.

“During the Prohibition era, cider was the drink,” said Hopper. “P.T. Barnum used to drink it before going on stage to help with his stage fright – he said it gave him ‘gumption.’ Our Gumption cider is a celebration of that spirit, of people who have the guts to sort of forge their own path in life.”

Therein lies the circus theme tie-in, and it definitely grabs attention. In addition to a juggling, top-hat bedecked Tall Man and a rainbow-suited, microphone-wielding Small Man, the event featured a professional fire eater/dancer and a willowy contortionist who bent at impossible angles every time the crowd raised their Gumption glasses in a toast.

Despite the nostalgic look and feel of the Gumption brand, Hopper says Gumption is as much about the future of cider as it is about its rich history. But the world today is a far cry from the Prohibition Era conditions that helped make give rise to the popularity of cider across the nation. Which is why the Gumption team has put together five easy DIY circus-themed cocktial recipes that include the cider as a main ingredients, for those looking for a little extra Gumption.

The Implausible Fiji Mermade

1 pint Gumption

1 shot Blue Curacao

1 shot Orange Liqueur

The Inconceivable Double Murder

1 pint Gumption

1/2 shot Whiskey

1/2 shot Cinnamon Schnapps

The Fantastical Bearded Lady

1 pint Gumption

1 shot Licorice Licqueur

The Ridiculously Strong Dude

1 pint Gumption

1 shot Tequila

The Incredible Frog Boy

1 pint Gumption

1 shot Melon Liqueur