WMC Up Close: The Presets

The Presets.

Aussie electronic duo The Presets, consisting of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes, are best known for three gritty singles, My People, This Boy’s in Love and Talk Like That.

They take the stage Saturday, March 28 at Ultra along with other cool indie-dance acts including Simian Mobile Disco, Crystal Castles and Cut Copy.

Do you know what time and for how long you’re playing at Ultra?

No, no idea. I imagine we’ll probably be playing for an hour. To be brutally honest, I look at the sheet when I get up in the morning.

What can we expect from your show?

For those of you who haven’t seen us before, Kim and I play drums and synths and computers, and I run around with a mike and sing. We play dance music, but try to put on a really exciting live performance. Plus, we’ve got Daft Punk’s lighting designer for the show, so it should be spectacular.

How would you describe The Presets’ sound?

We just call it pop music, you know? It’s getting harder and harder for bands to describe their sounds. And it’s fun to dance to. We always really liked the energy and explosiveness of rock music, but we always liked dance-music instruments, so it’s a cross between them both.

Who are a few of your influences?

Bands like the Pet Shop Boys and New Order and those kinds of bands – they essentially just wrote songs, but chose the best part of dance culture and club culture. The Pet Shop Boys, for instance, took the best house beats from the clubs to toughen up those beautiful pop songs they wrote, so we try to do the same thing with our music.

We’re using instruments that sound like the instruments from the ‘80s, so I guess people will always mention Depeche Mode. And they’re a fantastic band, but we don’t sit down and listen to Depeche Mode and go, “OK, let’s write music just like that!”

Is this your first time at WMC?

No, we played a few shows probably three years ago, then the next year with Peaches. And we’re definitely looking forward to coming back.

Do you get into the party scene that surrounds electronic music?

The first time we went, we certainly did. We went and saw Hot Chip and Justice and bands we really liked, and then after awhile you’ve been around the world for so many years, and you’re not so enthusiastic. You’re not going, “Let’s go out and party, let’s go see a band, let’s go and see this act.” You know? Let’s be boring, let’s do laundry, let’s have a meal, let’s go to Versailles and have some nice Cuban food instead.

That’s one of our favorite things about Miami, Versailles – we love that place.


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