Where to celebrate National Martini Day in Miami

You don’t have to be a secret agent to enjoy a martini in style. Whether you prefer yours dirty, wet or perfect, get caught sipping in any of these Miami hot spots on June 19 (National Martini Day) – or any day of the week, for that matter – and you’ll earn major swag points. 


1. db Bistro Moderne

The epitome of style and grace, the JW Marriott’s db Bistro Moderne is always buzzing with activity and well-dressed professionals. Sit back in one of their sleek leather couches, order a signature White Cosmopolitan, make smoldering eye contact with the dashing young attorney at the bar, and let the sheer chic-ness of the moment wash over you. 

Where: 255 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami FL


2. The Continental

If tailored suits, structured bags, and corporate chatter just aren’t your style, head to The Continental for a throwback-inspired island escape. While the spot may owe its fame to its landmark location and assortment of creative tiki-inspired cocktails, The Continental traces its ancestry back to a Philadelphia Martini Bar. Order up their signature martini and pretend you’re unwinding after a mission in the Caribbean, a-la Casino Royale. 

Where: 2360 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach


3. Big City Tavern

Big City Tavern will take you to the streets of Chicago and New York City circa the Jazz Age with its crimson leather booths, intricate tin ceilings and vintage memorabilia. While you may not be able to light a cigar inside, you’ll definitely feel like a big city boss when ordering a martini here, ’nuff said. 

Where: 609 E Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale

capital grille

4. Capital Grille Brickell

While its name would be recognized anywhere, Capital Grille’s Brickell location is quintessentially Bond: sexy, upscale, elegant and sophisticated. If all that dark wood and lush crimson carpeting doesn’t make you feel like the epitome of class and power, one of their extra dirty martinis will sure do the trick.

Where: 444 Brickell Avenue, Miami


5. The Raleigh South Beach

Travel back in time to Miami’s Golden Era during this year’s National Martini Day at the Raleigh South Beach. The iconic property’s famed Martini Bar will feature an exclusive martini menu offering new takes on the classic cocktails for $10. Whether you’re a purist or an adventurous imbiber, you’ll find something to satisfy your palette. Those looking for a change of pace can try the sweet Martinez, made with sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur and aromatic bitters, or the slightly more middle-ground 50/50, made with Cocchi Americano and orange bitters. The special martini menu will be available Sunday, June 19 from 6 p.m. – midnight. 

Where: 1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach


6. Prohibition Restaurant & Speakeasy

It doesn’t get more 007 than a speakeasy with an underground vibe and a style reminiscent of America’s alcohol bootlegging days. Head to Prohobition for National Martini Day and enjoy a Reverse Vesper Martini, made with vodka, gin and Lillet Blanc. 

Where: 3404 N Miami Avenue, Miami

pb station

Photo/Juan Fernando Ayora (@juanfayora)

7. PB Station

Located inside the ritzy Langford Hotel, PB station is the epitome of downtown glam with a healthy dose of old school finesse. Decked out to resemble a subway station, the trendy spot is fun without being frivolous, and sophisticated without being stuffy. In a nutshell, it’s everything James Bond would look for when scouting a spot to unwind and engage a lovely and lethal vixen in some cryptic, oh-so-smooth spy banter, martini in hand. 


Where: 121 SE 1st Street, Miami


8. Bleau Bar

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the Fontainebleau, which served as one of the iconic settings for Goldfinger. Relive the magic of the film at the hotel’s Bleau Bar, and bask in the knowledge that a real-life Bond defintely wouldn’t take a trip to Miami Beach without making a pit stop there to enjoy his cocktail of choice. 

Where: 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach


9. The Forge

The Forge is a historic reminder that opulence is timeless (and that Miami will never let go of its love for all things sparkly). The Forge – like James Bond – has a way of making everything feel more glamorous and exclusive than it actually is. Don’t believe us? Try sipping on a martini (or anything, for that matter) beneath one of its many dazzling chandeliers and see if you don’t instantly feel like a million bucks. 

Where: 432 W 41st Street, Miami Beach