Tritonal brings the energy with new anthem “Bullet That Saved Me”

At the Ultra Music Festival, when you’re traveling from stage to stage and tent to tent, keep an eye out for the Austin, Texas, DJ duo Tritonal, whose new anthem “Bullet That Saved Me” is quickly blowing up on YouTube with its euphoric mix of techno, electro and trance, anchored by strong vocals by British singer Mark Underdown. The track is part of Tritonal’s new EP “Metamorphic 1,” the first installment of a trilogy. Catch them as they close out Ultra on Sunday, March 24.

What’s a Tritonal show like?
Energy that’s off the charts. We are there to put on a good show and make everybody have a good time. You’ll hear everything from trance to electro house to progressive, maybe even a little dubstep. We love all types of music – anything that has a melody and makes you dance.

There’s obviously trance and techno in your sound, but how would you describe it to outsiders?
We’re from Austin [Texas] and the motto there is “Keep Austin weird.” That’s how we describe our sound as well – keep it weird! We love big melodies and dirty basslines, anything funky and fresh. Right now we’re taking a lot of electro influences but keeping the trance-y undertones that we’re known for.

You’re performing during both Ultra weekends – how will the shows differ?
We always play a set that contains mostly our own tracks. For weekend one, we’re on a more diverse stage, so there will be elements from all genres. For weekend two on the ASOT 600 stage, we’ll keep it more trance but still with that Tritonal twist.

This is your second time at WMC – what did you learn last year to help you now?
It’s actually our third – the first year, we played one of the tiny side stages. Last year, we were on the ASOT stage and the crowd filled in when we started to play – it was amazing! It was our first time doing the live radio broadcast with Armin van Buuren, and we felt like we had accomplished a big goal. One of the biggest things we learned was to give ourselves plenty of extra time for Miami traffic. Ha!

Austin is known more for an indie- and alt-rock scene – is there a good EDM scene there?
It’s definitely up and coming. You’re getting more and more of the bigger artists coming through all the time and the college students are really into the scene. We played a gig for the celebration of our 100th episode of our radio show at Emo’s East and it sold out, so the fans are there and waiting.

What artists inspired you to start producing EDM?
Sasha and Digweed.

“Metamorphic” is the first in a series of 3 EPs – what’s the concept behind it?
Keeping things different, fresh, creative and new is a big part of staying inspired. Breaking the releases up into smaller fragments allows us to tell a story over time. We are really excited about not only this EP, but also the ones to follow. There will be a progression of sounds – from darker to more uplifting, from the feel of Metamorphic I to III – a metamorphosis, if you will. We want it to tell a story and take the listener on a journey through different moods and emotions.

What are you working on in the studio now?
A collaboration with BT, another track with vocals by a well-known EDM singer, and remixes of some tracks on Metamorphic. We’re also getting together some mashups and edits for Ultra.

Who are your musical heroes?
Coldplay, BT, Smashing Pumpkins.

Tritonia by Tritonal