Trina's hit "Single Again" has become a female anthem.

By J.R. Biersmith

The Diamond Princess, Katrina Taylor aka Trina, intended to release her fourth album while her hit "Single Again" was still getting a lot of attention. That didn’t happen, so we asked her recently on the set of her new video if the new date was guaranteed.
"This is not an April fools joke – I promise it’s out April 1 (laughs the unmistakable Trina giggle)."
hat day is here and the hometown girl delivered on her promise, Still the Baddest, featuring Slip-n-Slide label mates Rick Ross, Plies and Qwote as well as Pitbull, Keyshia Cole and Missy Elliot is available now in stores and online. Here is an excerpt from our interview with her on the set of "I Got A Thing" featuring Cole.

Your first release for this album "Single Again" turned into a female anthem. Does "I Got A Thing" represent the next step?

"It’s a fun flirty song. You meet a guy, develop a crush and you want to stay cool about it, but the emotion starts to come out and you just start flirting."

The guy you have a thing for in the video is New York Jet’s running back Thomas Jones how did that come about?

"It was just a casting decision. He’s cool and the chemistry is actually really good."

This is your fourth album why the title, "Still the Baddest?"

"It’s just a part of reality and who I am as a person. I’m still focused, still in the eye, it’s about growing from one level to the next."

What’s next for you what else do you want to do?

My second biggest attraction other than music is fashion, I’m using a bunch of things from my line Pink Diamond Couture in this video and trying to focus on that as well.


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