Tracy Young

It’s true – Miami superstar DJ Tracy Young has moved on, to New York. But don’t despair, because our beloved, energetic house-music creator – who can count none other than Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga among her many famous fans – will be back in the Magic City on New Year’s Day for her annual “Genesis” party, kicking off at 8 a.m. at Mansion. She’ll spin for a blissful 12 hours, broken up only by a live performance by R&B diva Deborah Cox, who will perform her hits, including Young’s new remix of “If It Wasn’t For Love.” Young talked to about the show and life in the Big Apple.
Q: What can we expect from Genesis this year?

A: Well, we’re going on almost 10 years for this event now, and I kind of wanted to step it up a little. You know, when you have a party that’s happened for almost a decade, I felt like I wanted to give Miami something back for supporting it for so many years. So that’s where Deborah Cox comes into the picture: I just finished a record for her after taking a studio hiatus for awhile, and the record is called “If It Wasn’t For Love,” and it’s doing amazing and it’s my comeback anthem and her comeback anthem. Because she kind of disappeared for a while. And she’s performing live at Genesis this year, which is exciting – she’ll perform her hits, including the new one.
Q: What was the concept of the party when you started it?
A: “Genesis” means new beginnings, and it started as an experiment, which has now turned into an annual tradition, and people from all over the world come. When I started the party in 2001, I was just tired – remember how crazy Miami was? South Beach was a mess, and you couldn’t get anywhere and the ball was dropping and you wanted to be with your friends and it just always seemed like a nightmare. So I was like, Let’s do one the next day. We’ll get a club – it’ll be easy. And I pulled up to crobar that day and I’ll never forget it – the line was wrapped around the block, and I was like, OK, now what do I do?
Ten years later, I have full creative control, and it’s turned into me playing for 12 hours, so it’s like an all-day marathon. And I give away T-shirts, and the VIP ticket holders get a lot of treats and gift bags and stuff like that.
Q: Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are all big fans of yours. How do you think that ended up happening?
A: How did all three of them end up loving me? [Laughs] I think Madonna loved me first – I met her so many years ago, and I think people followed suit. I just think they took notice – look, anything Madonna touches turns to gold. So I’m very honored. I’ve done private events for Britney Spears, I’ve done remixes for her, and I’ve never done a remix for Lady Gaga, but I did spin with her a few times prior to her explosion, when she came for Winter Music Conference. I don’t know – I think I just treat people the way they deserve to be treated. When I met Lady Gaga, she was really struggling to make it, and I support that, and I try to be supportive of any artist. Music is not an easy career to have. We talked for awhile, and I just kind of knew she was gonna explode, and I’m very happy for her.
Q: So why did you move away from Miami?
A: When the Kardashians came to Miami I was involved in that and getting a lot of TV offers, but nothing was really firm. So that was my ignorance, but I was like, “OK, maybe we can try L.A. for a couple of years, see how it goes.” I mean, it was really hard for me to leave. I mean, I left my entire life. And then I hated L.A. and I needed to get out of there, and I ended up saying why not try New York? I’ve loved it and I come once a month, and it’s been really awesome for me. So yeah, I’m happy here, believe it or not. I wanted to do something different. But I’ll be back in Miami, absolutely. It’s my home.


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