Top hidden bars speakeasy Miami spots

Got a penchant for discovering top secret places? These five hidden Miami bars take the term ‘underground’ to a whole new level. Find out what you’ve been missing out on! 


1. Bodega

A nightclub disguised as an edgy taco shop? We’re down! Enter through the port-o-potty at this Miami Beach hot spot and discover one of the greatest party spots on the beach, vintage decor and all (a far cry from its graffit-ridden facade). The best part? You can simply step back out and order up some tacos when the munchies claim you. 

Where: 1220 16th St., Miami Beach


2. Libertine

Okay, so it may not be as elaborate as stepping through a port-o-potty, but Libertine is just as secretive and underground as it gets in downtown Miami. Located next to Miami’s legendary Club Space, the modern-day speakeasy is marked only by a big burly bouncer and a flickering red lamp over the entrance (which feels more like the mouth of a subway tunnel). Once inside, step into a 1920s paradise, complete with moonshine-inspired drinks and a DJ booth built into a baby grand piano. 

Where: 34 NE 11th St., Miami



3. Coyo Taco

Like it’s Miami Beach counterpart, Bodega, Coyo Taco is Wynwood’s own taco shop-turned-speakeasy. Go on a Monday, Friday or Saturday night and you’ll notice a long line forming by the bathrooms. (If you seriously have to use the potty, though, avoid it.) You’ll soon find yourself whisked by a bouncer into a secret back room that has hosted live sets by the likes of Oscar G and other notable DJs and performers. The best part? The space is small, making every night feel like one big, cozy house party. 

Where: 2300 NW 2nd Ave., Miami



4. Drunken Dragon

On the outside it looks like your run-of-the-mill strip mall store. But enter beneath the ‘Market’ sign and you’ll find yourself in chic and sleek, dimly-lit S&M themed gastropub complete with photographs of Asian erotica and hanging ropes. The menu features tropical-inspired cocktails and Korean goodies. 

Where: 1424 Alton Rd., Miami Beach


5. The Bend

Like Drunken Dragon, this Hiealeah/Miami Lakes watering hole hides beneath the facade of a seedy strip-mall bar. Don’t let its sketchy appearance discourage you, though – enter and step into a fun, retro-inspired bar and lounge complete with a jukebox, mirrored walls and a kick-butt karaoke competition every Saturday night. 

Where: 6844 NW 169th St., Hialeah


6. Foxhole

The bar that arguably started the hidden gem trend in Miami, this secret hot spot is located in a back alley behind a Dominoes pizza joint. Step inside, though, and you’ll find stiff drinks, a cool, swanky crowd, and a museum-like showcase of arms displayed within glass cases. Talk about gun control. 

Where: 1218 14th Ct, Miami Beach


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