Top 10 DJs according to “Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience”

Tiesto after the DJ soccer battle for charity played at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach ocean lawn. Photo: Eduardo Ford.

After attending the movie premiere for “Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience”, the film that documents the 3-day Ultra Music Festival in just over 45 minutes, we were inspired to do a Top 10 list.

So here are the “Top 10 DJs according to the movie “Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience” based on how they were featured in the film and how much – or how little – they had to say.

1. Carl Cox
Portrayed as the Godfather of Ultra DJs. He has his own tents within the tents, and it keeps getting bigger every year. Plus he was there from the early days.

2. Fedde LeGrande

This guy dominated the first 30 minutes of the movie and just would not stop talking. He gave great soundbites – and kept flashing that heart symbol with his hands. Stop already!

3. David Guetta
Since he partnered with the Black Eye Peas and Will.I.Am and created a cross-over movement with electronica, he got some great play in the film. Insightful.

4. Tiesto

5. Afrojack
Last year’s “It DJ” of Ultra, he was another one with plenty of airtime. Also had a good point that when you play Ultra everyone knows you, they just may not like your music.

6. Boys Noize
He seemed in awe of playing to so many people – and the arial shots the filmmakers had from helicopters as he played were awe inspring.

7. Will.I.Am
He got a solid amount of airtime, sharing how amazed he became the more he dove into electronic music, but since when has he been a first round pick in the DJ draft?

8. Avicii
This year’s “It DJ”, the viewing crowd went nuts each time the 22-year-old was on. Thank goodness he made the cut.

9. Laidback Luke

Chill as can be and delivered some infectious moments. His wonderment of it all was refreshing.

10. Skrillex
Where was he – the Grammy-winning DJ – in the movie? At least they played his Metallica meets Electronica style of beats throughout the film.


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