Thomas Gold

It seems as though this DJ came out of nowhere and has risen to stardom in a matter of months – with talent like his, it’s no wonder Berlin-based DJ Thomas Gold has become a must see DJ in the electronic music scene.   From Europe to the US, he’s headlined some of the biggest clubs in the US such as Pacha in New York City, LIV in Miami, and now he returns to SoBe to SET.  His remixes like the recent “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adelle has blown up the airways and continues to top the charts.  In 2010, one of the industry’s’ finest, Axwell, named him, “Breakthrough DJ / Producer 2010” in an interview for DJ Mag.   Whether you are a dance music lover or a DJ groupie, Thomas Gold is a name to have on your radar. spoke with DJ Thomas Gold before his return this Saturday, January 14th to rock the decks at SET.   

Q: What can we expect in 2012?

A: We start the year with releasing my track with Dirty South which is called “Eyes Wide Open.”  We are going to release it the 23rd of January and I’m really excited because I just learned last night that it is going to be aired for the World Premier on Radio One this Friday, so its all about that track in January.  Apart from that I am remixing Henry B, the track is called “Leave the Light On.” This will be out in February, and the next thing for me will be my own track which is called “Sing2Me” will be out in spring, we are just tweaking it, finalizing it.  

Q: Who are some of the artists you will be collaborating with this year?

A: I’m releasing the track with Dirty South, this is the second track we have made together. Next I am working on a track with Sander Van Doorn, we started working on that in winter and we were just about to continue working because we were both traveling. 

Q: Who are some of your musical influences? What influences you when you are in the studio?
A: I listen to other genres, for example my core progressions and the build ups are a little bit inspired from some classical music tunes, when they build from little to a big core structure. When I’m in the studio I like to play around with the synthesizers and I get a lot of inspiration just playing around.  But I wouldn’t say there is a specific influence – it’s a little bit of everything.

Q :What is your favorite track right now?

A: I would say it would an Arty track called “Trio”. Arty is a young Russian producer and he is doing a lot of good stuff. It’s just a perfect mix of backdrops and beats with a nice and uplifting melody. 

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?   
A: Try to be yourself.

Q: What can we expect on Saturday at SET?
A: (As he slightly laughs with excitement) Yea, I’m actually preparing for that set a lot and I’m excited because I’m going to play a lot of very new and unreleased stuff and I will play a couple of unreleased tracks from my DJ friends and colleagues. Of course I will play a bunch of new edge and mash-ups that I just did, and of course some unreleased tracks of mine which I never played before and because Mansion is very important to me and I love the Miami crowd and feel they are the right people to play these tracks to and I can’t wait for that.

Q: Will you be returning to Miami for WMC?
A: Yea, of course, and I can’t wait for that.  We are working on all the dates and where I am going to play and figuring out all the plans, but we will keep you posted.


UPDATE: Due to Mansion’s recent closure, this event has been moved to SET Lounge located at 320 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL;


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