The Roads

When asked about their plans for the future, beat rockers The Roads immediately referenced their inspiration by one of the greatest classical artists that ever lived. Just as Michelangelo had no clue he was going to do “the chapel” 15 minutes before he was offered to do so, the foursome from Miami said that they are open to just about anything on their way to the top.

With three years and 200 original songs under their belt, the crew made up of David Brito (lead vocals/songwriter), Andre Fiallo (bass/guitar), Raphael Hernandez (Electric guitar/guitar/bass), and Victor Hernandez (drums/percussion), are looking to the future with wide eyes. You may have already seen them all over town performing under their earlier moniker, The Tunes and Tones, at local hot spots like Churchill’s, Hotel Casablanca, and Titanic.

Their modest living arrangements, all together in a Miami Gardens casa where rock and roll rules the roost, are embraced by a local community that supports their tunes. With pride, the guys note that no one has called the cops, ever. It is in this very house that the music making magic happens almost 24/7. Ranging from hard rock to romantic ballads their songs are relevant, like “Keep Us On the Payroll” a folksy nod to the nation’s current fiscal fiasco to “New York Carpet” a colorful tune about a man who discovers a dead body in his Gotham digs.

While things with their ex- manager John Tovar (of Marilyn Manson fame) didn’t quite work out, the band has hope that they will soon find a new one that better fits their mission. Other big names in the entertainment industry have already taken note including director Fro Rojas who was so enamored with their sound that he asked the guys to contribute a few songs to the soundtrack for his film “Pencil Fighting: Life and Times of Team Balderdash” produced by Gold Dickenson Productions.

With plans for gigging in New York City this fall and the upcoming release of their first music video “Grease”, these guys are on the upward path. Whatever road will get them there is the one they plan to be on.

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