The Easter Bunny has been Kidnapped!

Easter may have been a good day, but somewhere, somehow the Easter Bunny has been kidnapped and tonight they’re asking for RANSOM! It’s a special edition of the newest Monday night event at the newly renovated Mokai Lounge on South Beach. Ransom Mondays has taken over as one of the best parties to start off the week. The music is great and the crowd is awesome. No drama, no snootyness, just plain fun. Every week someone is getting kidnapped and held for Ransom as part of the game you must play when stepping in to Mokai on Monday nights.

Don’t let this be the last we see of he cute hoppity-hop Easter Bunny, head to Mokai and pay the demands! Make this an excuse to go out; if not for the Bunny, then just for some good times with fabulous people and fantastic music. The dress code is strictly enforced, no scrubs allowed, this party is not just for anyone, it’s for the fun-loving tricksters of Miami who love to have fun! See what all the fuss is about and check out one of fastest growing parties on South Beach. It’s time to pay up!


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