The Dirty Gets Wet

It’s raining in South Florida, but nothing’s keeping Swimsuit Fashion Week from making a splash on South Beach and everyone is getting in on the action. Tonight one of the hottest clubs on the beach is hosting a special swim week edition hosted by’s Nik Richie featuring music by DJ M.O.S. LIV nightclub invites everyone to GET WET alongside some of the sexiest Who’s Who of SoFlo.

The infamous Nik Richie is ready to set it off tonight as budding fashionistas take to night and rock it out to a mix of electro, house, hip-hop, rock, disco, pop, and funk. DJ M.O.S is one of the most sought after DJ’s around, his love for music combined with his vivacious energy on the turntables is a perfect fusion for a long night of partying.

LIV is one of best clubs around and every week the crowd inside the Fontainebleau Hotel lobby continues to get packed with people trying to go passed the velvet ropes and rock out at one of the premier celeb destinations in nightlife. Big name stars such as Diddy, Erick Morillo, the cast of The Hills, Molly Simms, and many more have all LIV’ed it up in the lavish nightclub.

Tonight things are going to get downright Dirty with Nik Richie, if you don’t know who he is, make your way to his blog site where he gives you the lowdown on everything and anything. Whether putting people on blast for their “I swear I’m the hotness” behavior to giving you the scoop to what’s hot on his radar, he tells it like it is without censorship and without remorse.

GET WET with Nik Richie along with all the sexy models, fashionistas, and Miami darlings and get in to the spirit of Swimsuit Fashion Week tonight at LIV.  Doors open at 11pm; early arrival is strongly suggested (especially this weekend) and dress code is strictly enforced.


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