The Delano Celebrates an Anniversary

It may not be the biggest party on a Saturday, but when it comes to Tuesdays, the Florida Room at the Delano is the place to be. It’s one of the best, if not the best party where you can find the Who’s Who of South Beach partying it up, sipping on cocktails, and enjoying a great night out with friends. This Tuesday will be extra special as Tommy Pooch and Alan Roth invite everyone to be a part of the Three-and-a-Half year Anniversary of this magnificent weekly fiesta featuring a special LIVE performance by Crystal Waters.

DJ’s Irie and Mr. Sandman will be holding it down on the turntables while you enjoy complimentary Bombay Sapphire Cocktails from 9:30pm until 10:30pm. They’ll both be turning out some of the best hip-hop and open format that will have you breaking it down all night long. Tuesdays at the Florida Room are one of my favorite events of the week. The ambiance is great, the crowd is upscale (very posh), the music is fantastic, and the staff is fabulous. It’s never too packed that you can’t walk around, the volume of the music is just right, and the bartenders are more then happy to whip up a signature cocktail for you without giving you an attitude or trying to hustle you.

I spent the first of many birthday celebrations at the Florida Room this year and the bartenders (all of them), were very friendly.  Without hesitation, they took the time to make me all the different signature drinks, making my birthday an absolute success. I will say, the drinks are not cheap; you can expect to pay between $14 and $20 for a premium liquor drink. It’s not the place you go to get wasted, you go there to mingle and socialize. It’s all about keeping it classy.

On any night you can find some of the hottest celebrities and pro athletes mixing it up with the sexiest Miami socials. The Kardashians, the Fashionistas from the Hills, Jamie Fox, Justin Timberlake, even George Clooney have all made a stop at the Florida Room. The exclusive door policy assures that you will never be surrounded by anything less then finest making this one of the more exclusive venues on the beach.

The Florid Room at the Delano truly is one of the best lounges on South Beach. Experience a night with Crystal Waters, DJ Irie, and Mr. Sandman as you toast to another great year, with Tommy Pooch, Alan Roth and the Entire Delano Family. Be a part of the Three-and-a Half Year Anniversary this Tuesday, April 27th. It all starts at 9pm.


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