SUSHISAMBA has a deal on drinks that will make you wish for rain.

Samba Cocktails are half off when it rains, through August 31.

Nothing turns a rainy day around like booze, and award-winning eatery SUSHISAMBA has the drink special to get you through Miami’s rainy season.

The Japanese-meets-Peruvian-meets-Brazilian restaurant is now offering half off SAMBA cocktails, beer at the bar and wines by the glass through Aug. 31 whenever it’s raining outside, so you can keep drinking till the sky clears up.

Promotional drink prices range from $6-$7 for cocktails, $4 for virgin drinks, $5.50-$9 for wines and bubbly, and $4- $12.50 for beer. For Miami Beach, this basically free. The restaurant also has 12 of their signature SAMBA Cocktails included in the special.

Because Miami folks will try to find loopholes in this promotion, here is a FAQ  to help you understand when your drinks will be half off and when you are just being a cheapskate:

1. Does it have to be raining when you go to pay or does it have to be raining while you are drinking? 
It has to be raining when you order.

2. What if it was raining when you walked in and it immediately clears up once you order your mojito? 

Then you get one awesome discounted mojito and can “wait it out” or do some shopping on Lincoln until you race back in.

3. What if it was raining on your first drink, but then it clears up by your fifth? Do you get the deal for the first but not 2-4? 

Then you get 4 awesome discounted drinks because it’s “pay as you go” – order, pay, order, pay.

4. But then what if you order three more and it starts raining AGAIN? 

You can order 3 at a time, sure.
5. Are you judging me? 

6. What if Jackie Guerrido, Univision’s weather reporter, assures you that it is going to rain, but the lady on Fox is like, nah. Who should you believe?
Believe the rain smacking against the restaurant’s windows!


600 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

600 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach