Super DJ David Guetta planting roots in Miami

David Guetta burst onto American radio airwaves in 2009 with his hit album “One Love.” Packed with mega-hits in collaboration with mega-pop stars (“I Gotta Feeling” featuring the Black Eyed Peas, “When Love Takes Over” featuring Kelly Rowland and “Sexy Bitch” featuring Akon), it’s safe to say the French producer changed the sound of American pop music as we know it. His success continued to soar with 2011’s “Nothing But The Beat” and he’s now one of the highest-paid and most well known DJs on the scene.

“I was trying to find a new sound and, you know, that’s what I have to do always as a DJ, as a producer,” Guetta told us at the groundbreaking party for Paraiso Bay, a new Edgewater condo development expected to open in 2016, where he’s purchased a unit. He also shared that he’s currently working on a new album.

Guetta’s back in Miami this week at Ultra Music Festival’s main stage Sunday night and playing his F*** Me I’m Famous party at Story nightclub Friday night. And while he normally headlines this party alongside his wife, Cathy, of 24 years, news of their divorce finalizing in a Paris court came just a few days ago. (Ironic since they renewed their vows in Ibiza in 2012.)
Here’s what he told us about finding a new home in Miami and what we can expect from his shows this week.

Why did you decide to buy a condo here?
I’ve been coming here for many years because of the music conference, you know, 15 years, maybe more. What happened is, as a lot of Europeans, I knew only Miami Beach and, of course, it’s a lot of fun, but to me it was not enough. And then I was hanging out with some friends and they introduced me to the art district and to the design district, and I’m like, wow, I could never have imagined that there was something like this here, so to me it became like so exciting to have at the same time Miami Beach so close and this place is a little more underground, a little more cultural, closer to the European culture, so then I started to get really excited and then I asked my friends.
I have a friend here who’s a realtor Miguel and I said, I had no idea, and then he told me about this project [Paraiso Bay] and I’m like wow this is really exciting. Plus, for me again, coming from Europe it’s a kind of an experience that I never had, to have a building like this and it’s about a lifestyle. You know, it’s not only a house because of the amenities and this doesn’t exist where I’m coming from, so I’m like really excited about this. Of course in America it’s something that exists, you know, but to have like the gym and the swimming pool and the restaurants and all of this, it’s really a new experience for me. Also as an investment, I think the area is going to develop more and more.

Does this mean Miami’s clubs will be seeing more of David Guetta throughout the year?
Exactly. That’s what it means. Exactly, because I’m going to spend more time here, so obviously I love playing LIV and Story, so you’re probably going to see me more.

You debuted “Play Hard” last year during Ultra’s first weekend. Do you have any new tracks that you plan to debut this year?
Oh yeah. I have this record I just released on Beatport, it’s more like for DJs, you know. It’s called “Shot Me Down.” It’s number one on Beatport now. I’m gonna play with it and by that time it will be really, really big in the DJ community, so I’m going to play this one.  And, okay, I’m going to give you an exclusive. I never said that to anyone. Right now I’m working on a remix for Avicii’s next record, so it’s like a producer collaboration and it’s coming out really good.

You shot to fame in 2009 with “One Love.” You collaborated with so many pop artists and hip-hop artists. What inspired you to seek out those collaborations?
I was trying to find a new sound and you know that’s what I have to do always as a DJ, as a producer and it’s been a huge success with “One Love” and then with “Nothing But The Beat” and then, you know, it kind of reshaped what became the new pop music in America, I think. Not only me, but you know, records like “I Got A Feeling” have been very influential or “Sexy Bitch” and then, you know, I’m like, of course, again, I have to reinvent myself and then “Titanium” with Sia, I’m also changing my sound again.