Stone Groove Tuesdays at the Vagabond

A little jazz, a little soul; get in the Stone Groove at the Vagabond for a relaxing night of blues, soul, and spoken word performances. The night will be hosted by Marcus Blake and will have music by DJs Carmel Ophir & Wasabi as well as a few live music by 3rd Party to keep the crowd hype. If you’re an artist and want to get in the mix yourself, sign up for a slot on the open mic from 10pm to 11pm.

The Vagabond is a chill spot that you can go to get away from the upscale snooty party crowd of South Beach with drink prices extremely moderate. Admission is free for those over 21 and for those not 21 just yet, admission is just $5. There is $4 Sam Adams Winter Lager Drafts and $5 Jameson Whiskey, sounds pretty spectacular to me.

Make sure to do your part when heading over, donations for those devastated in Haiti will be collected at the Vagabond during club hours until January 20th. They are asking for essential goods such as diapers, blankets, clothing, water, food, or any other much needed supplies as well as goods and non-perishable food items. All donated goods will go to Notre Dame d’Haiti Church who will distribute them to those in need throughout Haiti.

Marcus Blake has already begun to have his fun, join him tonight at the Vagabond for some, blues, some jazz, and great live music. It all starts at 10pm.


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