Spazio Nero returns

Spazio Nero at Segafredo Brickell. Photo: Chris Cutro

One of Brickell’s trendiest nightspots has gotten a facelift. And this time around, you might have trouble getting past the velvet ropes.

Spazio Nero (next door to Segafredo Brickell) had a reputation for being busy on the weekends. But its tiny size (2,000 square feet) made it impossible to walk around without bumping into someone. Not anymore.

Some expensive renovations have transformed a once teeny space into a spacious VIP lounge (5,000 square feet) complete with an elevated DJ booth and ginormous flat screen TV.  More tables have been added so you won’t have to fight for a place to sit on a Saturday night. (We suggest you call ahead for table service) Like in the past, bottle prices are on the average side. The cheapest is a $260 bottle of 42 Below. On the high side there’s also a $1,550 bottle of Dom Perignon.

What to Expect: The Brickell crowd likes to show off so make sure you’re glammed up for this party. Also, if you want a guaranteed table we suggest getting there early. Unless you know the doormen on first-name basis, the later it gets the harder it will be to get inside. Even though there’s more room to roam around now,  Brickellites are itching to get inside to see what all the fuss is about.

What We Like: V & E Restaurant group (the brains behind Spazio Nero, Segafredo Brickell, Brickell Irish Pub, Segafredo Espanola Way, Drexel Irish Pub, Oh! Mexico and Café Nuvo) knows how to throw a party and attract (good looking) people. The friendly staff also has good taste in music and its handpicked DJs are up to date on the latest tunes. If you flash a pretty smile they may even give you a custom-made CD.