Space Enlists Erick Morillo to Help Celebrate 15 Years of Parties

Photo: Miami Stardum

Club Space in Downtown Miami is unique in more ways than it’s coveted 24-hour liquor license. One of the longest running nightclubs in the city, the venue has achieved legend status in a city notorious for it’s lightning-fast turnover rates. Artists have been made behind the decks in it’s fabled Terrace Room and Loft. It’s dance floors have served as a platform for new musical trends across the years. It’s team has helped bring some of the world’s top talent to the Magic City before ‘EDM,’ ‘House’ and ‘Techno’ were household terms within the city’s music scene. It’s one of those places you can talk about with almost anybody who’s lived in Miami within the past two decades – regardless of whether they’re forty-one or twenty-one, chances are they probably have some crazy story about Space.

On June 13, the storied club celebrates its 15th birthday, and for a lot of people that represents more than just a venue milestone – it represents 15 years of music, parties and memories. The team at Space has enlisted Terrace Room veteran Erick Morillo to headline the event. Supporting him is longtime resident Patrick M. In the Loft, techno mainstays ALX and Allan Gallego will keep the beats running steady. The Main Room will feature residents Radamas and Erwin. Admission is $25 before 1 a.m., or $40 if you purchase tickets for two.

Regardless of music preference, every Miamian owes it to his- or herself to attend this monumental piece of the city’s history.