South Florida got doused in paint and EDM at Life in Color

Life In Color, the world’s largest paint party, took place on the grounds of Sun Life Stadium on Dec. 26-27 with two stages of local and internationally acclaimed DJs playing electronic dance music.

Attendees were blasted with neon paint with hoses and people also squirted each other with handheld bottles of washable paint to keep with the fun and wild mood.

Miami DJ Trisha spins at the  paint party that draws tens of thousands of attendees. Famous DJs like Diplo and Kaskade, as well as local talent, took to two stages to play while people eagerly awaited getting doused with pink, green and blue neon paint.


A group of Peruvians pose in front of a Life in Color banner on Friday, Dec. 26, at Sun Life Stadium. 

With his handmade panda hat on, Quan Vo-Le, 23, of Vero Beach, waits for world famous DJ Kaskade to spin.

What started off as a college paint and music party on college campuses in Tallahassee in 2006, has spiraled in to the largest paint party in the world, with electronic dance musicians headlining national and international tours. People come from all over to hear their favorite DJs while being soaked in washable neon paint.

Steven Thompson, 21, and Leanna Smith, 16, drove from West Palm Beach to Life in Color.

In addition to music and paint, Life in Color hosted a handful of artists like Jaree Nicole Hale, 30, of North Miami, known as “Nicki Rox, ” who dressed as Khnum, an Egyptian deity. Inside of her “Spirit-Ill” fortress, people could take a break and relax from the non-stop thrills on the outside.

Friends from Lakeland, Florida, Jasmine Ray, 21, Brooklyn Johnson, 18, and Zachery Bennett, 21, pose between stages.