Electronic music lovers who worship D.C. DJ duo Deep Dish will be thrilled to hear that both guys – Ali “Dubfire” Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi – will be performing at this year’s Winter Music Conference. Just not together. But it’s OK – the progressive house masters are doing great things on their own. Sharam talks to about where you can see him this week, what he’s cooking up in the studio beyond his new single “Our Love,” and the future of Deep Dish.
When are you traveling to Miami, and how long are you staying?
I’m coming down Friday – I have a show Saturday at Mansion, Thursday at SET and then the following Saturday at Nikki Beach – so I’m there till the end.
Are you performing inside or outside at Nikki Beach?
Outside, the daytime thing.
Do you prepare differently for an outdoor gig than inside at a dark club?
You know, I have records that are earmarked for that sort of set. Usually at an outside set people have more of a sunny disposition, so you try not to go too dark on them. I try to keep it more funky and fun, whereas in the clubs I take things darker and deeper.
Are there any events you’ll be sure to check out on your off days?
Yeah, that’s part of the whole allure of Miami, because it’s the one place you get to see all of your industry friends and colleagues, and get exposed. I don’t normally go out and listen to other DJs, because I’m always on the road myself. So when an opportunity arises, I try to do that. At Miami, there are so many parties and talents playing, so it’s an easy way to check out what everybody else is up to and get inspired. So it’s something I look forward to.
Anything specific?
I have, like, the rounds that I do – I go see a bunch of people traditionally. I’ll try to see [Danny] Tenaglia, I’ll try to see [Erick] Morillo, I’ll stop by and see Ali, and check out some of the New York guys, and pool parties. You always have a long list of people, but then it gets too crazy and you end up missing half of it. But that’s part of the fun, too.
What can we expect from your indoor sets?
I have a lot of new music that I’m testing, plus a whole bunch of new signings on Yoshitoshi. But how I go about it and how I arrive will be different at each gig. There’s a bunch of stuff in my folder and on my radar, so depending on what the night calls for, I change it. But at Mansion things are probably gonna be on the darker side of sexy, and at SET, it’s gonna be a shorter set because I have a lot of guests playing with me, so it’ll be more funky. But the whole point of Miami for me has always been to showcase new music, not only from myself and the label, but all the stuff I’ve received.
I imagine we’ll hear your new single, “Our Love,” at all the venues?
Correct. I have a new set of remixes, one that I did myself and a couple others. So depending on the vibe of the night I’ll pick which one to play.
Is the single part of a new artist album to come soon?
Well, I’ve been working on that for a long time, but I still think I need to do some more with it. I was planning on having it out in the first half of the year, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to finish it by then. In the meantime, though, I’m doing a new compilation album called “Day & Night,” with the intention of showcasing the two sides of me that I play. Sometime in early summe that’s gonna come out.
How about Deep Dish? Is anything at all in the works?
We’ve had conversations, but it’s more involved of a process, so once we figure out exactly what the direction is, we’ll let the world know how that’s gonna go.
So the hiatus is definitely not permanent – you guys still exist?
Oh yeah, we’re not dead [laughs].
Do you think WMC would work as well in any other city?
Potentially, yes, but there’s 20 years of history in Miami with the industry and with people who follow the DJs and artists. And then you have the spring breakers and the Ultra Festival, so there’s stuff that has accumulated over the years that makes it almost impossible to move it anywhere else. But if they plant the seed somewhere else, I’m sure that in 10 years or so it’ll become something like that. Las Vegas has become something like that, but it’s not the same. It’s more like a year-round thing, with Memorial Day and Labor Day and around Christmas and the new year. So you have sort of mini-WMCs in Vegas like three or four times a year. And there’s no business involved – it’s just entertainment.

Sharam feat Anousheh – Our Love [Promo Edit] by Sharam


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