Samantha Ronson at Misfit Fridays

It’s Friday the 13th, time to be a little mischievous, Misfit Fridays at Louis Bar and Lounge is celebrating its 1 year anniversary and they are ready to work it out! Celebrity guest DJ Samantha Ronson will be ripping the decks alongside resident DJ Damaged Goods keeping the music live and thumping through the speakers!

Over the year Louis Bar and Lounge has become one of the most chic nightlife destinations on South Beach.  From its eclectic Parisian décor, to the sexy staff members, and an array of special guest DJ’s throughout the year; it’s definitely made its mark on the nightlife scene. There’s fabulous people around you at every moment having a fantastic time and dancing non-stop! Celebrities like Linday Lohan, Lenny Kravitz, Russel Simmons, and many more have all made a stop at Louis making it a hotspot for A-listers and all of Miami’s beautiful people!

Tonight will be extra special; guaranteed to be out of control, ladies look your best and gentlemen I suggest making bottle reservations and getting there early to avoid hassles at the door. Louis has stayed on top because of its exclusivity and privacy and tonight expect a crazy scene trying to get in. Besides that all I have to say is, congrats to Louis! It’s the weekend baby, let’s get CRAZY!!!



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