Richard Durand

Every fan of trance music knows all the big Dutch names – Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten. But there’s another name that’s suddenly popped up on the radar: In 2006, Tiesto sent a shout-out to Richard Durand in DJ Magazine as a talent to watch, and ever since then, Durand’s star has steadily risen. He even took over the prestigious trance compilation series “In Search of Sunrise” from Tiesto after he left the label. Durand will perform tracks and remixes from his double CD “In Search of Sunrise 8: South Africa” when he returns to the downtown Miami club Nocturnal (50 NE 11th St., Miami) Friday, Aug. 27. Durand talked to about the tour.
How much of an honor is it for you to take over the “In Search of Sunrise” series?
Well, it’s a big honor, of course – Tiesto left the record company one-and-a-half years ago, and they want to go on with the brand, and they asked me for it. And I thought it was a good idea for me. There are a minimum of three – the next one will be out next June.
What’s your connection with South Africa?
We have to choose a theme, like a country, and we thought South Africa was a good choice because of the World Cup championship soccer game. And also it was nice to have a country that when you think of it, you don’t think about trance. There isn’t a big trance scene there at all, so it was a little challenge for me, and that’s what I like about it. It’s quite normal to do Ibiza or the U.K. or maybe New York or whatever.
A lot of the big trance DJs are Dutch. Why do you think that is?
Yes, that’s strange. I think it’s because we were lucky with a few guys like Tiesto and Armin and Ferry, and they make it easier for us to be known outside of Holland. When we make a record, the rest of the world is listening. I think when you come from another country, like Switzerland or Wales, it’s harder to get known abroad.
How did you get into DJing and production?
I was 21 and I quit the Army after four-and-a-half years – I decided that was enough. I always played piano, and at that time I was clubbing every weekend. The music I liked at that moment was the music I produced. Maybe if I went to R&B clubs I would now be 50 Cent or 60 Cent. So it’s just a coincidence that at the time I started I really liked the music.
Do you feel like your success happened almost overnight? It didn’t take you very long.
Yeah, but I’ve been in the music for years now, so you know what to do – the do’s and the don’ts. I already had loads of experience with producing records and playing as a DJ.
What can we expect from your set at Nocturnal?
Well, of course, this is the “In Search of Sunrise” tour, so I will be playing new songs off the album, maybe some re-edits of what I did, and I’ll bring some new music – some new bootlegs and a remix I made, and the old songs where people know me from. I’m really looking forward to playing Miami, because this is the second time at Nocturnal.
Was the first time at Winter Music Conference?
 Yeah, that was the first time I played there. It was a great atmosphere. I did four nights, actually, but I don’t know the names of where I played – there were over 100 parties every night.
What do you think of Miami?
It was the first time for me in Miami, and I have to say it was amazing. There were loads of people – young people, party people – and it was a good atmosphere with very nice beaches, so I think it’s one of my very favorite places to go.

In Search Of Sunrise 8 CD Teaser by Richard Durand


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