Recap: Floatopia drifts into Miami Beach's South Pointe Park

Floatopia Miami Beach

UPDATE: Scroll down for coverage from Saturday’s Floatopia Miami Beach event.

If all of those friends of yours with their boats and yachts are too cheap to gas up and take you on a ride through the waters of South Florida, take matters into your own hands at Floatopia. The event, reportedly started in Santa Barabara, CA, combines the visual feast of a regatta (a bunch of chicks in bikinis and guys showing off their tats and pecks) with a more realistic mode of aquatic transportation for today’s youth, i.e. inflatable floation devices.

Floatopia events have been organized in cities around California and in Virginia Beach, which is where a few South Floridians were introduced to the concept. A Facebook page was created in July, and the rest is social media history. An event organizer states that Miami is ripe for some low key fun. “Miami has a ton of clubs, bars, bouncers, dress codes, cover charges, guest lists, expensive fancy drinks, and promoters, that all too often get in the way of just having a good time. I was convinced that Miamians would welcome a free, fun activity where people can get together without all that protocol.”

Stop by the pool store, buy the most pimped out inner tube you can find plus something to anchor it down then head to the shores of South Pointe Park in South Beach around 10 a.m. on Sept. 8 to join the party. Spend the day riding the waves, cavorting with friends and hiding your alcoholic beverages in water bottles. Stick around long enough and enjoy the after party on the sands.



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