Q-Tip Birthday Bash at LIV

It’s a Vivrant Thing; LIV is hosting a special celebrity birthday bash for hip-hop artist, and superstar producer Q-Tip! It’s going to be an all-star event with DJ M.O.S taking over the decks throwing down crazy music to set the night off. Q-Tip’s music is infectious, running through your veins and out through your skin, no matter where you’re at, you just want to get up and dance. Some of his hits include Vivrant Thing, Gettin’ Up, Breathe and Stop, and many more; they are all club bumpers! Time to percolate, bounce to the beat; the night is going to be wild with tons of excitement to keep you up until the morning. Let’s join Q-Tip at LIV and give him the best birthday ever!

LIV is very exclusive and Friday nights are always packed, the music is open format; you get a little of everything.  Drink prices are $$$$$, (time to break the piggy bank), a glass of house champagne costs $18 (OUCH).  The dress code is strict; trendy chic, and I what I mean is don’t get all Jersey Shored out, we’re in Miami, we don’t do poofs and those Ed Hardy shirts, so last season.  Once you have your outfit picked out all you have to do is wait to get in, if you’re not the who’s who of SoBe and don’t know someone at the door prepare to wait.  The guys at the door can be very picky, unescorted guys will have a tough time getting in; however, once you’re in, you’ll be golden.  I gaurantee you’ll have an amazing time.  No matter what you do worst case scenerio you can always get a drink at Bleau Bar right outside of LIV.  Besides, it’s Friday, let the games begin!


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