Pavan liqueur brings new flavor to Miami's bar scene

Pavan Liqueur

Pavan, a Muscat-based premium liqueur from the Mediterranean, is pursuing sun-drenched drinkers who aren’t fond of strong cocktails made with brown spirits or the boozy classics that are in takeover mode in this beach town. While it seems like many Miami women do enjoy the serious side of cocktails, the craze hasn’t completely caught on.

The brand says it’s targeting the female demographic and at the famed Fontainebleau Miami Beach (4441 Collins Ave.), where mixologist Eddie Fuentes attentively serves hundreds of women a week, Pavan is poised to do volume.

“It’s extremely easy to mix while keeping the drink on the lighter side,” said Fuentes, mixologist at the lobby’s energetic Bleau Bar. “I think a lot of women will like it in a champagne cocktail or even with just a splash of sparkling water and an orange peel to complement the signature orange blossom notes.”

While Fuentes’ bar is more of a mainstream destination, it doesn’t mean that more hardcore cocktailers won’t embrace this new liqueur at their venues.

John Lermayer, the renowned cocktail expert who oversees The Regent Cocktail Club and Dolce at The Gale (1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach), says Pavan is interesting because it represents growth for mixology.

“People are looking for new ways to enhance champagne, wine, and all of our favorite spirits,” said Lermayer. “They’re starting to produce a second wave of liqueurs that are easy to work with and meant to be mixed rather than stand alone.”

Pavan intends to mimic its ancestors, or the first generation of liqueurs for mixing — St-Germain (elderflower), Domaine de Canton (ginger), and Mandarine Napoleon (orange/cognac). Its sweet aroma and relatively thick texture works well as an accompaniment.

Lermayer says he can see Pavan pairing nicely with pisco or even eau de vie, which became popular again as a result of St-Germain and Domaine de Canton’s success in the past decade.

Pavan has plans to expand this month with launch events in both Los Angeles and New York City in conjunction with the Oscars and Fashion Week. Pavan launched in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2012.

Galena Mosovich is the lead writer for cocktail culture for