Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk.

German superstar DJ/producer Paul van Dyk has been a highlight of the Winter Music Conference for many years, performing his unique, melodic brand of trance-y anthems at everything from small hotel parties to cruises to Space to the Ultra Music Festival. But this year, you’ve got only one chance to see him spin – at Mansion nightclub (1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) on Saturday, March 12. So if you’re a fan, get your tickets now and see why Van Dyk is one of only a handful of DJs to ever be named No. 1 in DJ Magazine’s annual poll.
What can we expect from your set at Mansion?
I’m pretty much finishing off the production of my new artist album, “Evolution,” so there’s gonna be a lot of new material. Also, we bring as much as we can into the venue from the “Evolution” tour production.
Will you be checking out other shows during that week?
I didn’t get a proper schedule yet of what’s going on, but obviously that’s part of Winter Music Conference, to see different people and what other artists are up to. This is what it’s all about, so yeah – it’s a vital part of me being there and looking at everything.
What’s your new album like?
I’m really excited about the whole thing. Just yesterday, I was compiling everything and getting a much clearer overview, and it’s just a logical progression from what I’ve done in the past. I did also add my clear signature to it.
Do you feel it’s your best work to date?
It’s the best album … You know how sometimes when you sort of look back at an album and you think, OK, well that track wasn’t really necessary – it was more kind of a filler? Looking at this album, everything for me as an artist is a stand-out track. Obviously, now it’s down to the audience to see if they feel the same, but I’m very proud of every single little beat on it.
What’s the weather like now in Berlin, and are you looking forward to coming to Miami?
Right now it’s very sunny, but it’s minus-10 Celsius, so yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to coming to Miami. And the great thing for me as well is, I’ve always had this really strong connection with what’s going on in Miami and the whole South Florida area in general.


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