Paul Oakenfold

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DJs don’t get more rock-‘n’-roll than British superstar Paul Oakenfold. As an agent and producer, he helped launch the careers of Happy Mondays, Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa and Run D.M.C., plus opened for Madonna and U2 on their world tours. The Perfecto Records head honcho has also given us anthemic remixes of tracks by Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin and The Cure, plus dozens of original tracks on his two artist albums, featuring collaborations with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and the late actress Brittany Murphy. He also has a weekly residency at Rain in Las Vegas featuring 75 circus performers – whew! Check him out during WMC at LIV at the Fontainebleau, the Delano Hotel and the SoHo House.
Are you excited to get back to Miami?
[Laughs] I’m always excited to get back to Miami. I’ve been coming there for years, and it’s always good.
What do you love about it the most?
Well, I have friends there – over the years I’ve hung out there a lot, so I have favorite little places I used to go to and new places that I kind of discovered. I’m doing a couple of small parties and I’m doing the big Perfecto party at LIV [Friday night] and I’m staying at my favorite place, the Soho House. So I’m always looking forward to relaxing down there. I come down there with the idea of relaxing, but never do, to be honest.
Are you playing anywhere else?
Yeah, after the SoHo pool party [Thursday], we’re doing the CarryOn party at the Delano, the small club underneath [The Florida Room] that we did last year and was great.
What can we expect from your shows? Will they be anything like your Vegas residency?
We’re not bringing the performing acts down – the venue doesn’t seem to have the set-up to do that. But I’ll be playing a lot of new music from my new album.
What’s the album like?
It’s an artist album with various different features – some are known and some are not so. I’m trying to finish up loads of tracks and then decide which ones I’m gonna put on it.
Are you playing at all during Ultra week?
No, I’ll be in Europe.
What do you think of the split betweem WMC and Ultra?
I think it’s a shame for everyone, really. A lot of the industry people will be at the Conference, obviously, and a lot of the general public at Ultra. And if you’re available as a DJ to do both, then great – if you’re not, then you’re affected by it. Personally, I am – I wasn’t available to do both. And I think the whole idea of having the Conference and Ultra together worked really well for a lot of people, and I think everyone suffers. As much as Ultra say they’re sold out, which is fantastic, and also the Conference say their numbers have gone up – I think we’re still were affected. It’s just a shame that it wasn’t resolved and it couldn’t be worked out. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, and really didn’t want to get involved with it, but I just think that whenever electronic music booms, there’s always this implode in some shape or form. We had it in England years ago.
What’s your radio show, Planet Perfecto, like, and how can people hear it?
They can hear it on Sirius every week, and it’s all about up-front new music and supporting young, new talent.


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