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You know a DJ is big when both Madonna and U2 pick him to open their concerts, and they don’t get any bigger than British legend Paul Oakenfold. The Perfecto Records label-head is a master of crafting euphoric house music with a rock-‘n-roll edge, having created epic remixes of hits by Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin and The Cure, plus dozens of original tracks. He even performed on the Great Wall of China, plus has a delirious weekly party at Rain in Las Vegas featuring 75 circus performers. Oakenfold hits LIV at the Fontainebleau Saturday night for his Facelift Tour. Get there early for the opening act, Nervo – Aussie twin sisters who have written hit singles for David Guetta, Kylie Minogue, Armin Van Buuren and Ke$ha. Oakenfold talked to about the tour.
What’s the concept behind your Facelift Tour?
The whole idea is I haven’t been on the road in more than three years, and took more of a back-step in DJing. I’ve still got my residency in Las Vegas doing really well, but I wanted to get back out and play to people out there. So the idea was to put a tour together, call it Facelift, bring a production and bring new, young talent.
What can we expect musically from the show?
New stuff from my album, which comes out next year, a bunch of different remixes, some classic Perfecto tunes that people are familiar with, and some good new music. And Nervo will be there, so it should be good.
Does the album have a title yet?
Not yet, no.
Visually, will it be anything like your Vegas residency?
Yeah, more along those lines – absolutely. We can’t bring down the performers, but in terms of a show, yeah.
How would you describe your new material?
All uptempo and very song-driven, song-based, with melody that makes you feel good.
What does Nervo sound like?
Nervo wrote and produced David Guetta’s big hit ["When Love Takes Over,” which won a Grammy Award last year], so they’re hugely in demand by virtually every pop star out there, to write and produce for them. They’re two very talented girls from Australia, and they’ve got their own artist album coming out next year on Virgin Recordings, and they’re definitely an act to look out for next year.
How did you end up performing on the Great Wall?
It was an idea we had, that we put to the government, and it took a year in process, and they agreed, and we did it – we pulled it off. It was truly amazing – we’re very lucky. When the sun came up, it was just incredible.
Have you made plans for Winter Music Conference?
As yet, no, but we’ll be there. I love it there, so I’ll be back.

Paul Oakenfold ft.Matt Goss – Firefly (Robert Vadney Radio Mix) by RobertVadney


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