Out and about: Hot Mess @ B.E.D.

I always enjoy a hot mess in B.E.D. Don’t you?

Sweaty, eccentric men, bed sheets and good house music: gay Miamians have a new reason to jumpstart the weekend early with Hot Mess, B.E.D.’s new Thursday night gay party. Don’t expect the typical Score and Twist gay boys. This is a new kind of Mess… the kind you’re not used to in Miami. There are quite a few drink specials, even open bar, if you manage to get your entourage together before midnight, and if you’re into make-up, glitter or spray-on hair color, you’ll fit right in. However, dolled up or natural, what you’ll find here are absolutely gorgeous and fabulously dressed men.

If you’re the token straight girl, you’re in for a treat, too. Don’t worry about rett smoking, beer drinking, wife beater wearing lesbians: You’re safe here, so go ahead and embrace all the eye candy, one perfect abdominal at a time. If you’re good, you may even get to cop a feel — so buy your favorite a boy a lemon drop and wait it out.

It’s not all about the beautiful bodies, though (just smile and nod here). A good boys’ night is nothing without the music (it really is what makes the blood boil and the clothes fly…off), and rotating DJs and performances (i.e. drag shows) keep the crowd entertained, buzzed and hyped.

Tips for a Hot Mess in B.E.D.: Be extravagant, anything goes here; wear glue-on eyelashes, preferably with glitter; bring as many straight girlfriends as you can, they’ll thank you; be an early bird and enjoy the open bar from 11 to midnight; wear sunglasses; and take Friday morning off… trust me.

B.E.D., 929 Washington Ave, Miami Beach; 305-532-9070


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