Oscar G to reside at Mansion

When you think Club Space you think one thing- AFTER HOURS! Club Space is known around the world as one of the best clubs for dance music and part of that reputation comes from the amazing DJ’s who have rocked the turntables to give the crowds the best high energy, bass dropping, heart pounding, synthesized beats to keep them dancing long in to the morning hours. The world’s greatest DJ’s have all taken a turn on the decks to give Club Space the amazing reputation it has.

One of the DJ’s whose name has become synonymous with Space is Miami Native and local favorite DJ Oscar G. He’s been a staple in the Miami electronic music scene for over 10 years and Club Space was his home. He’s rocked the main room for overnight sessions of insane house and partied on the Terrace long into the afternoon, but all good things must come to an end.

After 10 years of residing at Club Space he’s decided to make the move from downtown to South Beach where he will become the newest resident at the Opium Group’s Mansion Nightclub. His new residency is a surprise to many, but will be greatly welcomed.

Oscar G is one of the world’s most respected and successful house DJ’s and producers around. He’s part of the celebrated house duo Murk who brought you international hits such as “Fired Up!” and the 2003 track that soared through the Billboard charts “Dark Beat”, as well as a ton of remixes for superstar artists such as Depeche Mode, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Pet Shop Boys, and many more. His sound is gritty, yet sexy, and makes you want to get up, move your shoulders from front to back, sway you head from side-to-side, and dance all night long.

At Space he was known to take over the main room for ten-hour marathon sets that were full of energy on a regular basis; however, over the past year his stops at Space have become more infrequent. With the new format change at Space, Oscar G has been moved from the dark, underground feel, of the main room to the famous Space Terrace. Since the new move Oscar G has not felt quite at home and after much thought, he has decided to make the move over to Mansion where he will continue to bring his fans the music they love in the comfort of the dark; just how he likes it.

Oscar G has said he is thankful for the love he received while at Club Space, but now he is ready to move on to something different. His new residency will begin at Mansion in August and he has many plans up his sleeve, some of which include guest appearances by some of the artists he currently works with along with the return of his ten-hour marathon sets that made him a legend to make sure his followers are satisfied in his new home.

Over the years Mansion has welcomed the hottest DJ’s from around the world such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Afrojack, Roctakon, the Shapeshifters, and many more. It’s a great space with a perfect theater like set up that’s ideal for spectacular, high energy shows, such as the ones Oscar G promises to give.

Sometimes a little change is a great thing; it keeps things fresh and the crowds wanting more and the Opium Group fully embraces that theory. They always bring the best entertainment from around the world to please its loyal patrons and now with Oscar G as the new resident fans will never want to leave.

Local fans will be happy to know that Oscar G is making Miami his #1 priority and is dead set on making Mansion the number one destination when it comes to house music. He’s bringing back that “Dark Beat” for all the true house heads.

Oscar G has made fabulous memories at Club Space, but it’s a new year, a new decade, and he’s ready for a new home. He’s rocked the crowds at Space for over ten years in the main room and on the terrace, but it’s time to move on, now he’s ready to play Mansion for a new era in nightlife.  August will be a great month in South Florida; Mansion will be on fire when Oscar G officially takes over as the new resident. 

Stay tuned for more information within the next month to be there for Oscar G’s debut night at Mansion on Saturday, August 21st.  In the meantime you can check him out at his Wednesday night residency Tropicasa at Hoy Como Ayer located in Little Havana.


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