Oscar G takes over Mekka on June 8

True house-music fans in Miami have grooved to the beats of Oscar G for years at megaclubs such as Space and Mansion, but these days, New Yorkers are getting most of our hometown DJ’s best beats, at his residency at Pacha. So it’s suddenly a special occasion whenever Oscar – who’s partner in Murk with Ralph Falcon and also penned the epic dance-floor hit “Dark Beat” – spins in the 305. Catch him Friday night (June 8) at Mekka, where he steps behind the decks in support of his new release “Beats,” his first artist album in two years. He talked to Miami.com about what we can expect from the show, plus his beloved Miami Heat’s championship drive.
So tell us about your new album, “Beats.”
Actually, I’ve been working on it for a while, and originally it was supposed to be a DJ compilation mix. And then after putting a couple playlists together, I just wasn’t feeling it, so I started working on some songs, and from there it just kind of turned into this album. I kind of approached it like a DJ mix, but it’s all original stuff. I worked in the framework of having it sound like a DJ set, and basically the goal was to have it all fit a certain need.
A lot of your previous tracks feature tribal beats with a Latin touch. Is that kind of the same philosophy here?
I think that kind of comes through in everything I do one way or another, so I definitely think there’s some of that in there. Especially drum and percussion-wise, and in the transitions between songs.
What’s your writing process like? Do you generally start with a beat?
Honestly, every song is different. A lot of the stuff I do, I start with a basic groove, with a kickin’ bass, and then start with melodies and vocal stuff.

So in addition to the new tracks, what can we expect from your set at Mekka?
Just really good stuff in general, because I feel like I’m on a really good little swing – there’s a lot of stuff that I’m really into, that I really like. And at my residency in New York [Pacha], whenever I have a go-to place like that, it always seems to push my DJing up a bit. I feel like I’m on my game right now.
So you have no residencies in Miami right now?
Nope. I just finished my thing at Mansion for two years, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do now.
I know you’re a big Heat fan. Are they gonna win it all this year?
I’m a die-hard Heat fan, from Season 1, literally. So absolutely, I think we’re gonna do it. LeBron [James] I think is the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m a [Michael] Jordan fan. I was a huge fan of his as a kid, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like LeBron.

Oscar G feat Lazaro Casanova – Work /// Preview by Lazaro Casanova


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