One Night Stand: Secret Society @ B.E.D.

Glen Douglas Packard, Brook Hogan and Ashley Menendez.

Interested in joining a Miami secret society where celebs like Pitbull, Scott Storch, Timbaland and even John Mayer are members? If so, Monday nights at B.E.D. might be the perfect party for you. Starting at 10 p.m. and going strong until 5 a.m., this hotspot consistently attracts some of the sexiest specimens on the beach.

The concept behind this eight year old party isn’t rocket science. The folks at B.E.D. have created the perfect ambiance for the city’s partying elite. The signature beds that give this venue its name and unique reputation provide a relaxing spot for visitors to get comfortable, pop some champagne and undoubtedly have a good time with friends.

Shrouded by sheer curtains, privacy is an option in the indoor bungalows filled with plush white pillows. For those who come to mingle and dance, the packed dance floor is inviting. “The atmosphere is so relaxed and comfortable that people feel free to let loose,” said partygoer Rushell Pieters.

So what’s everyone sipping on? Hands down, the most popular drink is called WaterB.E.D., a tasty and intoxicating blend of Stoli Raz and Malibu Rum. For those who prefer to mix their own drinks, bottle service is also available. Grab your drink and make your way over to the DJ booth, where DJ Mr. Mauricio and DJ Affect play the latest hip-hop hits until the wee hours.

Weekly cameos by athletes and celebrities are commonplace. “Only Miami’s Secret Society is privileged enough to know what happens inside B.E.D. and between the sheets,” said B.E.D. marketing director Olivia Ormos. “Besides, every good socialite knows that Monday is the new Saturday.”

B.E.D, 929 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-532-9070

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Published: 6/08


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