Nicole Moudaber brings her sounds to Space on Saturday

Dance music lovers know that Ibiza is the place to be in the summer. But if you can’t make it there, why not enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean island right here at home?

On Saturday night, Ibiza-based deep house and techno DJ/producer Nicole Moudaber heads to her favorite club in Miami, Space, for an extended set on the Terrace with fresh beats including her new singles, “Rooted” and “I Know Where I’ve Been.” For a sampling of what to expect, tune in to her new radio show “In the MOOD” on Mixcloud, which now reaches more than two million people in 23 countries.

Moudaber talked to about her gig, her radio show and how she got into DJing.

What can we expect from your set?
The usual [laughs]. House and techno and everything in between. I’m doing a long set before I take off to Governor’s Island on the same day, so it’s gonna be a long one for me.

Will we hear your new single, “Rooted”?
Yes, “Rooted” for sure, my collaboration with [Carl] Cox, other new material, my remixes from other artists. I’ve been broadcasting everything recently.

How is “In the MOOD” doing?
That is doing amazing, actually. We just confirmed Argentina and we’re already in 23 countries, and the numbers are growing, and we’re very happy about it?

What’s it like?
It’s a one-hour show, weekly, and obviously I have more freedom to play the music that I don’t get to play in all the clubs and festivals, so for me it’s a creative outlet to showcase the whole array of music that I like, from deep house to deep techno to tech-house, to vocal stuff. It’s just a mixture of everything.

What inspired you to do the radio show in the first place?
I got approached by the radio producer that produced Carl Cox’s radio show, John Digweed, Armin van Buuren, Adam Beyer and all those guys around the world. They approached me to do the same, so I’m very excited – I get to be heard on a very larger platform, which is great for an artist.

I noticed that your number has a 786 area code – are you a Miami resident now?
No, I wish! [laughs]I got this number about three years ago, because I come to the States a lot now, when I happened to be in Miami, probably during WMC or something like that. I kind of like it – I love Miami.

How often do you visit here?
As much as I can. I did my first In the MOOD party by the pool at the Raleigh Hotel at the WMC this year, and that was incredible – I had Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia as my guests. That was really an incredible show. And I try to come to the Space stage every time I come to the States, because it’s one of my favorite clubs down there.

Do you live in Ibiza now?
In the summer, I’m pretty much based in Europe. After this tour finishes in two weeks, I’ll be heading back to Europe. I’m gonna be based there all of September and the first week of October, that’s for sure. That’s the best time to be in Ibiza, actually.

What inspired you to get into EDM and production in the first place?
I was into the music long before I started to make the music. I was a promoter, and I did so many international events. I had my monthly night at Turnmills, a legendary club in London, for about five or six years. So obviously I loved music – it’s my passion. I booked so many DJs – I remember when I gave Paco Osuna his first London date. And the beauty of me promoting was programming the night’s music, so that was a very creative process for me as well.

And when I bought a house in Ibiza, I had to refurbish it for about two and a half years.  I stepped out of the music business, but my passion for the music was always lingering, and Ibiza is the heart of house, techno and dance culture. And I wanted to come back to it, but not as a promoter, so I decided to make the music that I love so much. So I just got locked up in the studio, and everything spiraled from there.

Did you ever encounter any bias or skepticism as a female DJ?
Never, actually. Listen, at the end of the day, the music that you make is what’s important: If it’s good, it’s gonna be heard, and people are gonna like it, whether you’re a man or a woman. It just happens that women aren’t doing it so much, but there are so many women who want to do it – you’ve gotta want it. There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.