Nervo Twin Mim chats about David Guetta, Miami and touring with Britney Spears

Aussie DJ twins Nervo quickly went from being fashion models to Ultra Music Festival headliners to Grammy winners. And now the girls – Olivia and Miriam (or “Liv” and “Mim” to their friends) – are touring with Afrojack, with whom they wrote the dance-floor anthem “We’re All No One, on his “Jacked” show, which hits Mansion Friday and Saturday nights (Nervo spins Friday night only). Mim took time to talk to about the show, their big break, and touring with Britney Spears.
Q: What can we expect when you come down to Miami?

A: You can expect a lot of our own new music. We’ve got a new single with Afrojack and Steve Aoki, and loads of new records we’ve been working on. And it’s so exciting to see the people’s reactions.
Q: When you perform live, do you guys tag-team, spin together, or what?
A: It depends on what mood we’re in, but often we tag-team, or Liv might be on the mix a bit longer and I’ll pick the songs. It just always depends on our moods.
Q: What do you think of Miami?
A: I love Miami. We do go there a bit actually now, because it’s one of the hotspots we play in, because you guys have loved house music for such a long time. And now that America is really embracing it as well, I think more Americans are going to go to Miami to hear more house music! We play at the Wall a lot, LIV, Mansion, SET – yeah, we know Miami well. It’s a second home in America – I love it.
Q: You toured with Britney Spears last year – how was that?
A: Oh, it was incredible. Look, we’ve never done a pop-music tour before, and it was a different experience and it was really great. We didn’t get to play too long, only 25 minutes, but it was fantastic – I’m still shocked we’ve done it. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was great to really get acquainted with Britney’s music as well as Nicki Minaj – they’re such different artists. It was great to play for people we wouldn’t normally play for.
Q: What inspired you to get into DJing and production?
A: We’re music lovers and music makers. DJing is just a whole another element of being able to perform your song. The energy you get from the crowd is like a drug. There’s nothing better than playing your own record and seeing people react to them. When it’s a positive reaction, you can’t beat that.
Q: What was your big break?

A: Our big break would have been David Guetta – we wrote and produced “When Love Takes Over.” And at the same time, as David Guetta was popping in Europe and we won a Grammy for that song, Ke$ha blew up in America and we had four songs on her album. It was really interesting, because we had been working as writers in the pop world for such a long time, but really being clubbers and going to Ibiza every second. It was like our pleasure was on the weekend listening to electronic music and then during the weekdays we would be producing pop music. So I think now the world’s kind of colliding and DJs are really hitting the radio waves, so I think we’re in a really great time for music now.
Q: Is what’s happening now for you both what you had in mind when you started out?
A: No, not at all [laughs]. You know, we’ve just been studio girls for so long – we love the studio – and we never intended on performing the way that we do. But then people and our friends encouraged us – we went from DJing in our bedroom to DJing at Pacha with David. All these people have really encouraged us to step out from behind the scenes. So it wasn’t our initial intention, but now we’re here and we just love it.


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