Mr. Sandman

Once he gets behind his decks, Mr. Sandman does exactly the opposite of his fabled namesake. Rather than put audiences to sleep, he charges them with his special open format blends. We recently caught up with him to discuss the strength of his business relationship with local legend DJ Irie, his work ethic and what’s next for this rising star.
We have to know, what is the story behind your name?
Long story short, it was a great nickname given to me through sports I participated in. I was given that title because when I’m focused it’s lights out and time for action.

You’ve spoken about the power of your work to inspire all ages – what qualities do you possess that allow you to connect so strongly with your audiences through music?
I believe music itself is a channel to connect all ages – through the words told, the uplifting melodies, and the distinction in culture and artistic creativity within the genres. I solely take the credit in being able to offer music to the crowds that I am privileged to work for. 
You definitely stay busy performing at places like Viceroy, Mayfair, Gansevoort and the legendary Tuesday night party at the Delano. How do you maintain such a strong work ethic?
Determination, research, drive and love. In order to be successful you must breathe what you do. Those are just a few things that I grasp and execute day in and night out.

How did you get into the Miami DJ scene?
Heavily into the night scene when I was young, I noticed the energy and determination DJ Irie demanded. It not only drew me to go to his events, but it also drew me to work with him day in and night in the studio, clubs, special events. It fueled me to want to learn and perfect the craft as Irie has.

An artist under DJ Irie’s Artist Related label, how has your relationship with Irie has impacted your career?
He started me out in DJ-ing, and taught me the fundamentals of this craft. We have had a very tight knit business and peer relationship for over 10 years. Still to this day I learn something new and meaningful in this highly changing field of music from Irie.

You’ve made a huge name for yourself in Miami, so what’s next on the horizon for you?
I still take every day as the first day. I want to continue to master my craft, learn the artistry and production of it properly, and evolve.

Catch Mr. Sandman  at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Delano Hotel, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach;  305-672-2000. Visit his webpage at 


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