Mr. Mauricio headlines Miami Dolphins vs. N.Y. Jets game at LIV Sun Life

Over the past 15 years, Miami party rockers have heard the sweet beats of Mr. Mauricio powering clubs such as Liquid, crobar, Mansion, Prive, Opium and many more. Or the DJ might have lightened your mood while stuck in traffic on the way to and home from work with his happy, energetic rush-hour mixes on 103.5 The Beat and Power 96.5 (the Traffic Jam). And on New Year’s Day at Club LIV in Sun Life Stadium (the offshoot of LIV at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach), Mauricio steps behind the decks to keep your feet moving like Reggie Bush while you watch the Miami Dolphins’ season finale against the hated New York Jets. Mauricio talked to about the party, his love of sports and whom he’d like the Fins to draft next year.
So you’re DJing at the final Dolphins game – what’s that gonna be like?
Well, I always do the season opener at LIV, the club that’s in there, but I always look forward to the Jets and Dolphins, the oldest rivalry in the AFC East. So I always try to be there, whether it’s working or just watching the game.
How long will you play?
I usually play like an hour before the game, and then about 45 minutes during halftime, and at the end of the game, a couple hours.
What style of music will we hear?
It’s a very commercial crowd, so it’ll be hip-hop and house highlights, stuff people know and can move around to.
What’s the atmosphere like with a football crowd?
It’s kind of crazy, because it’s a football crowd, but since the club inside has become so popular, you get a lot of celebrities who get tables, and it’s like you’re in a club. Honestly, you don’t even realize you’re in a stadium. It’s a mixture of regular football fans, and then you’ll see random celebrities walking around.
How did you get this gig in the first place?
I’ve worked with Dave Grutman, who owns LIV, for about 12 years, and when he opened the club inside the stadium last year he approached me if I’d be down with it. And I’m a huge, huge football fan, so I go there, watch the game, play a little bit, make some money – it’s a win-win for me. So whenever I’m available during the season, I try to be at the game. Especially during the Patriots or the Jets games.
Who would you like the Dolphins to draft?
Let’s be honest: Everybody wants [Stanford quarterback] Andrew Luck. But I’m gonna be realistic and assume the Colts are gonna get him, so I’ll be following [USC quarterback] Matt Barkley [SPOILER ALERT: Barkley announced Thursday he’s staying in school, so he’s not an option]. I mean, I’ll be happy with any quarterback, because man, we don’t have a f—ing quarterback. Matt Moore’s all right, but we need a quarterback, so I was all for the Suck for Luck campaign, and then once we started winning, now I’m kinda hoping for luck.

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