Marshall Barnes at LIV

Friday is here, forget all about work and get ready to kick back, enjoy what the weekend has in store, and prepare for adventure! LIV nightclub has always been one of my favorite places to party and tonight it’s definitely in my sights for a possible cameo. They’re bringing DJ Marshall Barnes from Deckstar to rip the turntables with bass dropping beats and funky electro mashed with club bumping hip-hop. It’s my kind of party; where the music is high-energy, the people are beautiful, and the venue itself is spectacular.

If you’re looking for a great place to go that’s exclusive, has tons of eye candy, and the music is out of control, then LIV should be on your list of possible destinations. Dress to impress if this is your destination; they are very picky about who gets in, it’s all about keeping the image. Once you make it past the doorman brace yourself, the only negative about LIV is that it’s a tad costly. For a glass of champagne be prepared to pay $18; however, it is the price you pay to play at one of the best nightclubs on South Beach. It’s where all the stars love to party and at any given night you could be dancing alongside models, actors, musicians, and pro athletes, so get prepped, get dressed, and get it together, its going to be a fabulous weekend!


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