Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles.

We recently caught up with Armando Figueredo, keyboard player of Los Amigos Invisibles, to chat about their recent Grammy nomination for Best Latin Alternative album and love of Miami’s beaches.

How do you hope the people of Miami will respond to your newest album, Comercial?
I hope that people respond well. We love Miami, we love the people there. We are really happy with what’s going on with the new album. We’ve been fortunate enough to be nominated again for a Latin Grammy and have done well on ITunes and Amazon.

Congratulations on your recent Latin Grammy nomination! What does it mean to you to have the new album recognized?
It is a really pleasant experience, especially since the past two records that we have been nominated for we have done for ourselves, not a record label. We produced it with our own ideas.   We are very grateful, although it’s not the reason why we put out records. We love playing live and if [the win] doesn’t happen we will be alright.

You’ve been in the music business for 18 years and have toured in over 60 countries- what is your secret to success?
The two keys to success? First of all, working hard and being constant. Keeping at it and having a lot of love for what you do, especially at times like this when the music industry is all over the place. That and a little bit of luck like what happened when David Byrne first heard our album in a little record store in New York and signed us to his label (Luaka Bop in 1996).

I’ve heard that some of your band mates have decided to make South Florida their permanent home. What influenced their decisions to move here?
José, Julio and Mauricio all live in Miami now. [The other half of the band have remained in New York]. New York is a very cold climate and living space is limited. It’s definitely not what we are used to from Venezuela when we were living there. We travel around most of the year so we still see each other a lot.

What do you guys do when in Miami?
Mostly visit friends’ places and go to the beach. I don’t really know Miami all that well. There are a few Cuban restaurants I love but I don’t remember the names. But the beach of course- I have to stop there and soak in the water. 

Visit their website at www.amigosinvisibles.com


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