Lo Bosworth hosts LIV

The Hills are coming to Miami; Lauren,(aka “Lo”), Bosworth from MTV’s hit reality series The Hills, is coming straight from California to host one of the most exclusive clubs on South Beach. Check her out as she hosts LIV nightclub on Friday night with music by DJ Jesse Marco. This up and coming DJ is has already become of the hottest names out there; his schedule is extremely packed and when not in his hometown of New York you can find him jet setting all over the world, from Paris, to Vegas, to Norway, to the fabulous Miami, showing to the world how truly talented and amazing he is on the turntables.

Party with Lo and her crew as they take over LIV for a night and show them how we do it in Miami. Dance to a master mix of house, techno, and hip-hop way in to the morning hours with your drinks in hand and your friends at your side, it’s going to be a good night.   I’m not trying sound illiterate, but all I have to say is the Hills ain’t got nothing on South Beach; it’s all about the nightlife!


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