LIV Celebrates its Birthday

It’s been one year since the ultra lavish, spectacular venue LIV opened its doors at the re-vamped Fontainebleau on South Beach. The 30,000 square foot club was built to perfection and has become the ultimate party destination for Miami’s elite party crowd, celebrities, professional athletes, and musicians! When you walk in to LIV you are met by a fantastic voyeuristic scene. You have a view of the entire club before going down the grand staircase to the main dance floor. The lighting system is out of control and equally matched with the state of the art sound system, making your body pulse through the night! The bartenders are gorgeous and the VIP areas; talk about luxury, there are six sky boxes overlooking the dance floor below that are ultra exclusive and private, they even feature a mini-bar and for all the ladies who don’t want to carry their purses, no need to worry; the banquets have purse drawers so they can get crazy and not be constantly hassled having to hold their clutch. From the leather couches, to the pristine bars, no expense was spared creating the high energy atmosphere complete with vignettes for sexy dancers to be featured in. The DJ’s, well they take center stage at LIV; throughout the year many of the worlds famous DJ’s have all taken a turn on the decks and taken over the club.  

Over the year LIV has become the HOTTEST club on South Beach hosting huge events like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show after party, countless celebrity birthdays like George Clooney’s birthday bash, red carpet events like the 50 Cent Fragrance release party, or the introduction of JLo’s Lola and so many more. Celebrities are constantly amidst the crowd dancing the night away and jamming to the music. Every week the parties get bigger and better. You can venture to LIV and party the night away Wednesday through Sunday, whether you’re in to Hip-Hop, Rock, or House, there’s a night for everyone, and the experience is never the same.

Talk about lights, camera, action; a night at LIV is like being in a music video filled with all the glitz and glam. The crowd, the fashion, the music; it’s a scene unmatched by any other in the city. I have to say I was blown away and must give accolades to the management team of Jimmy Vargas, Mo Garcia, and Dave Grutman for creating the most spectacular club in Miami. This Saturday marks a huge date, it’s the one year birthday celebration of LIV and the party is going to be GRAND! Expect the unexpected, it’s going to be a madhouse, prepare for a long night full of excitement. DJ’s Ross One, David Berrie, and DJ Mitch LJ will all be taking a turn on the turntables for this amazing event! It’s time for a CELEBRATION, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV!


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