Little Beard

Little Beard

Following the philosophy that taking life too seriously will eat you alive, Little Beard has stormed onto the local scene with a solid indie rock sound, strong lyrics, and a quirky sense of humor. When trying to come up with the band’s name one member recalled an ex-girlfriend who gave him the nickname Little Beard because of his inability to grow a full one. At the time it was the best name they could think of and so Little Beard stuck.

Members Michael Lee (guitar/vocals), Sarah Attias (vocals/keyboards), Edwin Beauchamp (bass) and Nicole Irizarry (drums) have been gigging around town for the last year and half. Each member found their way to the group from chance meetings at places like the public library in downtown Miami, music theory class at Miami Dade College, Craigslist, and even a hopping Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Each piece of the unit brings a passion for a different musical genre ranging from pulse punk and noise rock to indie pop and surf rock. Bands like The Long Blondes, Erase Errata, Shop Assistants, and The Slits have served as influencers in their collective sound. More than anything, Little Beard wants audiences to have a good time at their gigs and even hopes to inspire musicians to take the leap and start their own bands.

They are very much a part of the burgeoning local Miami scene. “We like playing in our tight knit community with other bands, many who we are friends with,” said Beauchamp. Catch them playing local gigs or on the road over the next few months as Little Beard tours in North Florida and the Midwest before the end of the year. Also look out for self-released singles “Love If You Dare” and “Summer Cardigans” on 7” Vinyl.

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