Life in Color attracts thousands to Miami Beach Convention Center

Photo: Tomas Loewy

Over 14,000 electronic dance music fans attended the Life in Color show at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Friday, Dec. 28, and nearly everyone was dressed in white and ready to get down-n-dirty with DJs Benny Benassi, R3hab, Diplo, David Solano and more for the what the organizers claim to be the ‘world’s largest paint party’.

By the end of the night all of those white shirts were drenched and stained in a multitude of different colors of paint.

This wasn’t a club party. The 17-and-over event was more like a full on spectacle with an astronaut armed with a paint-spouting-fire-hose, paint cannons exploding across the crowd, a laser-fingered-devil on stilts, acrobats on trampolines and few of the top DJs in the EDM industry.

Benny Benassi, R3hab and Diplo all delivered pulse pounding performances that kept the crowd raging on but the florescent paint added an extra element of amusement to the party.

The excitement of the paint was contagious and so much fun that R3hab couldn’t resist. He picked up the fire-hose and doused the screaming fans during Diplo’s set. Of course, the crowd loved it.

Back in the day the cool kids just wore a three-striped Adidas shirt, a hat to match and a pair of extra-wide legged Jincos – along with a glow stick on a string.

Now, the creativity that comes out of the EDM fans is remarkable. They come up with inspired outfits and ingenious gadgets. There are furry hoods with strands of LEDs built-in, oversized glow sticks and more luminescent jewelry than you could imagine. And these days they mostly wear skinny jeans.

Before electronic music became mainstream the ‘club-kids’ of the 90’s would pack into these big warehouse that instantaneously become underground clubs on the weekends. Life in Color was reminiscent of those days but you can see how EDM has become mainstream.

Black lights illuminated the paint and the convention center had been equipped with more than a thousand lasers and lights.

To get the show started there was an early performance by Demtrious who was joined by Timbaland. Later, the attendees received a special guest performance from DJ Irie who showed his love for the Miami HEAT.