Let it Be Beatles Tribute at Brickell Irish Pub

This week pay homage to one of the greatest Rock bands in the history of Rock and Roll at the Brickell Irish Pub. Thursday, April 29th it’s the “Let It Be Beatles” tribute event where there entire night will be dedicated to John, Ringo, Paul and George with a showcase of all their hits and classics. The Beatles are an iconic group took the world by storm in the 1960’s and now nearly fifty years later they are still one of the most influential and loved bands in music. I’m 28, I know nearly all of their songs, my favorite album in my collection is the Beatles #1’s.

Located in the Financial District, the Brickell Irish Pub is perfect for an after work drink. They offer a delicious dinner and appetizer menu along with fabulous drink specials for Happy Hour everyday from 4p-7p. They have a huge selection of domestic and imported beer as well as an impressive amount of Whiskey and Bourbon to choose from. Bring some friends; grab a beer, and Rock and Roll.

Young and old alike the Beatles music is timeless; it’s feel good music that you love to sing out loud. This Thursday, take a trip to the Brickell Irish Pub get nostalgic and rock out in honor of the Beatles starting at 8pm.


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