La Fee Verte

A burlesque dancer swings in a chair, while another scantily dressed performer shows off some of her acrobatic moves on a rope that hangs from the ceiling. It’s not the circus; just a typical night out at La Fee Verte, a new members-only club located 15 minutes north of South Beach.

Standing outside, the multi-level space looks like your standard nightclub: velvet rope, burly bouncer and sexy hostess included. Once inside, you’ll be impressed with its Parisian-inspired décor, complete with a stunning chandelier, antique mirrors, and black and white pictures shot by the nightclub’s owners – famed fashion photographers Navid and Antoine Verglas . The pair modeled the swanky lounge after the Moulin Rogue. But don’t worry; you don’t need to know French to get inside. You do need to be on the guest list, though. This upscale club is not for everyone. (To join, e-mail

When we paid a visit to La Fee Verte (which means ‘green fairy’ en Français), we were greeted by the club’s resident dancers, who put on a striptease show similar to what you might see in a Parisian Montparnasse, circa 1920.
In addition to the nearly naked girls, this new spot serves up something unusual. The specialty cocktails are made with Absinthe – an often-controversial beverage popular among Hemingway, Picasso and Van Gogh. Drinks that contain this licorice-tasting liquor, which was once banned in the U.S. due to its dangerously psychoactive abilities, will set you back $15. Our recommendations: the Writers Block (a mix of Fenom Absinthe, grapefruit juice, honey, and lemon juice) or the Belle Epoque ( St. George Absinthe, Van Gogh Pomegranate vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with amaretto and whipped cream).

“There are several different types of Absinthe, and they say that if you drink too much, you’re supposed to see the green fairy,’’ joked manager Matthew Goldberg.

For those less daring who want the standard alcoholic drinks, the club serves wine, beer (starting at $5) and your standard well drinks. Bottle service starts at $175.

What We Dig: The upstairs VIP lounge is cozy and perfect if you don’t like crowds. There’s an oversized bed that will fit all your friends, plus a window to look down at the other clubgoers. There’s plenty of metered parking available behind the club.

Tip: Pose for a pic on one of the two swings that double as chairs, and then post on Facebook or Twitter. Your friends will wonder what you’ve been up to.


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